Selamat Hari Lahir:)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Nor!!!!!

Hari ni birthday my sister.Nur Izyan name die.Tapi dari kecik family ktrg panggil die Nor and lekat laa sampai skrg ni.Tak ingat mcm mane leh start panggil die Nor.Sedar2 mmg da panggil ngn nama tu.

Jeles gle ngn die ni coz skrg die tgh cuti kat umah.So die dok lpak je laa kat umah.And tadi baru je dpat msg from my mum..dorg tgh celebrate birthday Nor kat umah.Aduii..jeles nye mimi..

To my beloved sis..Kakak always love you.muahhhhzz..Be a good girl k..and dok kat umah tu sile laa belajar masak ye jgn asyik tgk drama korea je..hahaaa..belajar rajin2 ye.

Layan jap lg Fly Me To The Moon.You're Beautiful version:)
Fly Me To The Moon...

Till here!!

Autumn love story

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is autumn a season for love? hmmmm..
I don't know..maybe yes and maybe no..

Autumn Love

Autumn blows love amongst the trees
and caresses their leaves with colour;
Kissed with scarlet, amber, rust -
whispers of orange for another.

Brown and claret blown here and there
by the Painter with so much love;
Leaves change their colour in Autumn -
because they feel that love.

As we watch, with awe, we somehow change -
we feel happy and everything is good;
Our world is right, because we see
autumn’s kiss above the trunks of wood.
If leaves change colour with autumn’s love,
surely it changes us, too;
A bounce in our step, a happy heart -
love transforms me and you.

Found it here

Autumn as in other word we also call it Fall..Fall as in Fall in love<3
hahaa..I'm really good in merepek meraban kan..

Because for me autumn is kinda brings some romantic feelings and warmth. Especially when you're looking at the beautiful autumn leaves at the mountains or at the park.It's just give you sort of warm feeling inside even when you're in the middle of life crisis. or att least I felt this way.

Today when I checked at Yahoo Japan at the Entertainment page, there are several HOT news of the Japanese celebs being in relationships and getting marrried. Including the one that reported Yamapi and Kitagawa Keiko were seen together holding hands. Maybe they were on a date. Not the gossips that I care but the number. Selalu mimi check je news tapi hari ni banyak sikit. Maybe the celebs also in the mood for love.

Last weekend, ktrg gi jalan2 kat Daisen.Best sangat coz rasa dah lama tak jalan.And the best part is sume free coz gi ngn skola.hehee I love it!!!Ingat nak tengok koyo (autumn leave) but we ended up jalan-jalan je and amik gmbr.After that ktrg gi Tottori Flower Park.Mimi memang suka bab amik gambar ni:)

with balqis

coz lambat 15 min kami kene marah ngn sensei

suka sgt tmpat ni coz cantik!!!!
us with 2 org sensei yg 'baik'

I believe not only the celebs are in love love mode. Ade jugak my friends yg in love love mode skang ni. Mimi always cheer for your love:)
Till here!


Saturday, November 7, 2009
Rase macam baru je update blog tapi dah lama rupenye..So after the last post..mimi found that ade gak my friends yg tgk cter super duper cute ni..You're Beautiful ;p hihiii keep watching guys..and for those who still looking for new korean drama I'd like to suggest this drama..

next..nak cter pasal my fav earrings..I got my ears pierced when I was a I don't know how it felt back then..But if I got to choose to do it now,I think I don't want to do it..coz it,I'm so impress with those yang byk wat pierce kat telinga dorg ke kat mane2 ke..huhuu ngeri nye kalau fikir~~

To tell the truth..mimi agak takut nak pakai earrings sendiri..until lately baru mimi berani nak pakai sendiri..cos selalu mak mimi yang tolong pakai kan..hihii cam budak-budak;p
My earrings are usually simple and adorable in my eyes..Let's check it out..

1)little flower
got this baby for but I like it very much..
(abaikan price kat pic tu ye..)

love the design coz so simple..

3)sweet pinky
tak pnah pkai this one will be the next ;)

4) White hearts
Love this baby so much..simple but so adorable..
stop wearing this pair coz it makes my ears hurt..huhuuu

Love all my earrings especially the one that I got from my parents. (not in the pic) Left it at home.I'll wear it again someday..

When you want to find your new earrings or anything,you should take your time in choosing them.No rush honey..take time and you'll get want you want..
I'll keep looking for my next earrings:)

p/s name2 earrings tu mimi saje je letak..hihiii not their real name k

Till here..take care;)